Bee Eater

as recently sorting through images from a cruise I took with my dad in November, and I ran across this image of a White-fronted Bee-eater that I took at the San Diego Zoo.... Read More

Mt. Vernon

Harley and I are on the East Coast for an 8th Grade field trip. AmyNature Girl. Mom. Wife. Friend. Photographer. Sewer. Crafter. Artist. To borrow a phrase – “Yeet Ye Riche” seaofest... Read More

Jealous Much?

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Not really. My parents have been on vacation.  They’re actually getting ready to head home tomorrow.  I’m not jealous because they worked their butts off for a very long time in order to... Read More

Vegas Vacation

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The girls’ trip to Vegas was a ton of fun, and I really enjoyed myself.  Four days is just about my limit to be gone from home, though – I got pretty homesick missing my girlies and The P... Read More


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Just a little bit! Right at this moment, my parents are in Portoferraio, Elba Island, Italy. I’m a little jealous, just a tiny bit. I’m more happy for them. Happy they worked hard to be ab... Read More


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Our trip to Disneyland was completely unforgettable! We walked what seems like 1,000 miles and wore ourselves out, but we had a wonderful time doing it! Reagan even kept up with all the big people, ne... Read More

I have a secret . . .

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. . . and its really exciting! In only SEVEN days!!! The most exciting part for me is that our girls have absolutely NO CLUE that we’re even leaving town! My mom & dad are taking all of us, ... Read More

More from Cabo

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Just adding a few more pitures from Mexico as I go through them. Steffani landing after parasailing. Mileah. Caryn untangling Steffani’s hair from the snorkel mask. Taylor in the hot tub. Sydnee... Read More

Cabo San Lucas

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Wow, what can I say except that Cabo is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I had a wonderful trip, came home extremely relaxed, and I can’t wait to get all my film developed so I can see the myriad of pictur... Read More

26 days & counting!

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Cabo San Lucas. I’ve heard many conflicting stories about it, “too touristy”, “stunning”, “trashy”, you name it, but I’m excited to find out for myself.... Read More