Minecraft Explosion!

This week, we had to construct a “set” and create a series of photographs utilizing the set.  Since we have been playing Minecraft so much lately, I decided to make a set with a Creeper e... Read More

Miscellaneous Stuff

This image I took on top of Cabbage Hill one day when it was partially cloudy on top, but foggy down in the valley below. I can’t decide which version I like the best, black & white, color, ... Read More

Just Some Fun.

Every morning, the girls & I leave the house at abiout 7:10, and we drop Emma off at school which leaves us a little over half an hour to kill before I drop Harley, Katelyn, and Asia off at school... Read More

I’m such a dork!

Ok, so I LOVE Spring! Everywhere I turn, there is something new and gorgeous growing or blooming. Today, what caught my eyes were some trees planted by the girls’ school. I don’t have a cl... Read More