Curds & Whey

  Last weekend, my oldest daughter, Emma, and I went to see the Broadway Across America production of Wicked!.  Part of our trip included picking up my nephew Benjamin and delivered him to my siste... Read More

This Weekend I Learned

That, even as self conscious as I tend to be, I am really looking forward to my adventure as a wood elf! AmyNature Girl. Mom. Wife. Friend. Photographer. Sewer. Crafter. Artist. To borrow a phrase &#8... Read More

Creamy Tomato-Basil Soup

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I have been seeing all sorts of yummy recipe ideas on Pinterest, and I have tried a couple of them – some good, some I won’t try again.  When this recipe popped up, though, I couldn&#8217... Read More

My Year – 2011 In Review

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I’ve been working on writing this post in my head for a while now, and I decided the only way to actually get it done was to sit down and start typing.  If a stranger looked at my life during t... Read More

Gimme the Vices!

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I’m feeling a bit lazy these days because I seem to mostly be posting a single picture with a caption, or a cartoon, or something similar, but I just haven’t had the time or energy to do m... Read More


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Reagan goes to speech therapy at school for the letter “R”.  Recently, the group she works with has had two therapists – a new one and the original therapist who is leaving.  Today... Read More

Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

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But the Coliseum was . . . Harley’s class has been divided into small groups studying ancient cultures.  Harley’s group was studying ancient Rome.  Now that the study portion of the proj... Read More

The Fate of the World

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hangs in the balance based on this decision . . .   Post-A-Day 2011:  Chocolate or Vanilla?  Why?  Give an example Well, that truly is a life altering decision.  I mean, chocolate or vanilla?  ... Read More