Wonderland – Repost

  I didn’t realize I had posted this once before, but I have been feeling a bit nostalgic today remembering the amazing, unique childhood my sister, Erika, and I had.  We were truly two of... Read More

Curds & Whey

  Last weekend, my oldest daughter, Emma, and I went to see the Broadway Across America production of Wicked!.  Part of our trip included picking up my nephew Benjamin and delivered him to my siste... Read More


My nephew, Tymoteusz, has always been a hard worker with lofty goals, which has resulted in many achievements both academically and personally.  Tymek (his nickname) is graduating from Hermiston Hig... Read More

Why We Ride – Three Rivers Race

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Last year, after the girls and I rode in the Three Rivers Race, I said that I would explain why the race is so important to us.  I posted a slideshow about The Riders, and I wrote another post explai... Read More

My Year – 2011 In Review

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I’ve been working on writing this post in my head for a while now, and I decided the only way to actually get it done was to sit down and start typing.  If a stranger looked at my life during t... Read More

Auntie Amy

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One of my favorite “jobs” . . . love these kiddos! AmyNature Girl. Mom. Wife. Friend. Photographer. Sewer. Crafter. Artist. To borrow a phrase – “Yeet Ye Riche” seaofestr... Read More

Dear Photograph

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There is a website called Dear Photograph that I absolutely love!  Each day they display a new “old” picture combination with it’s little story.  I have been wanting to submit one... Read More

Peas in a Pod

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Konrad and Reagan. Konrad is 353 days older than Reagan.  A fact he is very quick to point out when they disagree.  For the 12 days that they are the same age, however, Reagan is very quick to remin... Read More