Peas in a Pod

Konrad and Reagan.

Konrad is 353 days older than Reagan.  A fact he is very quick to point out when they disagree.  For the 12 days that they are the same age, however, Reagan is very quick to remind everyone about it.

This weekend when we came to Nana & Papa’s house, we brought Konrad with us.  We arrived Friday afternoon, and from the moment we arrived, these two disappeared and we did not see them again (except at dinner time) until bedtime.

They catch salamanders in the pond.

They go to neighbor Jim’s and play in the creek.

They play Legos and play Legos and play Legos and play Legos and play Legos and play Legos . . .

They fight like brother and sister once in a while, but they are the best of friends and love to go on adventures through the neighborhood together.

I am so happy they each have a “buddy” that they can count on, play with, hang out with, and plot & plan with.  I can only imagine the adventures they will have together in the future, and, at the same time, I am frightened about the loads of trouble and mischief they are bound to find.