Gardening Girl

Reagan loves to garden!  At our new house, she has decided to take over the gardening responsibilities.  She is going to plant tomatoes and peppers in this raised bed, and she has plans for the othe... Read More

Big Berries

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I picked this berry out of our blackberry patch. All of the berries are H.U.G.E. like this one, and it doesn’t take very many to fill a bowl. They are so sweet and yummy, I probably eat as many ... Read More

My Garden is Blooming

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Our Butterfly Bushes are HUGE – like over 8′ tall and wide huge!  I love the blooms. Looking at them from a distance, you don’t realize all the different, varying colors in each of ... Read More

We’re Rockin’!

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One day last weekend between hunts, we decided to go looking for firewood for our campfire. We found plenty of wood, and we found LOTS of rocks! I am lucky I hunt with such strong guys (and three of t... Read More


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LoveliesA few lovelies from my parent’s house. Every time I go there, there is something different to see ~ I love it! Such a beautiful place to be. Amy... Read More


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My parents have the most wonderful yard and garden. In their front yard, below the deck they have this lush, gorgeous pond and stream. They built a pergola along one side of it, and in the pergola, th... Read More