We’re Rockin’!

One day last weekend between hunts, we decided to go looking for firewood for our campfire. We found plenty of wood, and we found LOTS of rocks!

I am lucky I hunt with such strong guys (and three of them are landscapers), they loaded up the back of our pick-up and Mike & Stacy’s pickup with these HUGE shale and granite rocks to use for the landscaping at our house.

When we got home, Aaron & Jason took the time to get them all set in place where I wanted them, and I think they look AWESOME!

The boys loading up.

You can’t really tell how great my flower beds look now in this picture, but you can kind of see where they’re all placed. That huge piece of shale took three of the guys to lift. It is monstrous!
This is the large piece up close.
To the right of our front door.
And another smaller rock on the right side.
I’m sure we’ll find more treasures when we head back to the mountains this weekend, I can’t wait!

Its a pity, though, that we’ll either have to move them all again when we finish building our house, or we’ll have to get new ones (that’s my vote).