Dear Photograph

There is a website called Dear Photograph that I absolutely love!  Each day they display a new “old” picture combination with it’s little story.  I have been wanting to submit one for a while now, but I never remembered to do it when I had the time to spare.  I finally managed to get one taken this morning:

Dear Photograph,

This family doesn’t live in this house anymore – the daughters are all grown up and the parents have moved and built their dream home. The walls hold many secrets – giggles, laughter, tears, and love.  I still drive by this house on occasion just to see that it is still there, along with all of those precious memories.


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4 thoughts on “Dear Photograph

  1. Nice one. I remember first seeing this excellent idea in Freshly Pressed. Cant recall the site though. Maybe I’ll submit one one of these days.

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