The Fate of the World

hangs in the balance based on this decision . . .  

Post-A-Day 2011:  Chocolate or Vanilla?  Why?  Give an example

Well, that truly is a life altering decision.  I mean, chocolate or vanilla?  Are we talking about scented lotion, ice cream, or candy?  Coffee flavoring or cocoa?  Ahhhh, such a quandary it is.

I think I made it pretty clear when I talked about having will power, that I have a little problem with chocolate.  Okay, okay, I have more than a little problem with chocolate, I have a whole freaking conundrum.  However, I would like to clarify, that as far as chocolate goes, it is generally on the solid mil-chocolate candy I can’t resist.  You know, the Hershey’s Kisses, Hershey’s Plain Chocolate Bars, or (gasp!) the Lindor Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffle Balls?  I like them so much, my parents even brought some authentic ones home from Europe for me last Christmas.  I savored those for a long time – maybe three days?   Kidding, it was at least a week!

Oh, have you ever tried them, they’re absolute heaven . . .  If you ever wanted to bribe me, they would be a good way to start.  Oh, and look, they have a dress just for me – it’s even in my favorite color!  I’m not completely sure the skirt would make it through a whole wearing, though.

Wait, what was I talking about?

Oh yeah, chocolate.

So, anyway, my whole point is that yes, I love chocolate, and I have a very hard time resisting it; however, it is not my first choice of flavors in other confectionary treats.

For example, given a choice between chocolate or vanilla ice cream, I’d choose vanilla just about every day.  Vanilla ice cream is just pure.  It’s fresh, clean, and can be embellished with as much CHOCOLATE syrup as you want.  Of course, most of the time, I actually eat mine plain just because that is the way I prefer it.  Ice cream is the one place (other than cheesecake) that I like to add fruit syrups.  I frequently make my own strawberry or raspberry sauces at home for our ice cream, and that is why I prefer vanilla.

I don’t drink coffee, so I don’t particularly care about those flavorings; however, at some of the gas stations around, they have these AWESOME syrup flavors you can add to your fountain sodas, so when I’m near one of them, I do add a little (okay, a lot) of vanilla to my Diet Coke.  It’s just yummy – though it’s definitely not helping me cut back much on my intake.

Cake – I prefer chocolate with vanilla frosting.  My dad is the exact opposite.  Actually, I’d prefer no frosting, but I don’t like dry cake, so I *tolerate* the vanilla frosting.  🙂

Cookies – I definitely prefer vanilla over chocolate.  Unless it’s Oreos.  Definitely unless it’s Oreos mixed up in a Blizzard treat.

Lotion or body scent – I like vanilla, but my preferred lotion is Amber Romance from Victoria’s Secret.  It doesn’t have either flavor/scent.

Candles – Definitely vanilla.

So, there you have it, I’m kind of a mixed bag of vanilla vs. chocolate, as it just depends on the situation, the item in question, and my mood.

Just don’t mess with my Lindt Balls.