I have a secret . . .

. . . and its really exciting!

In only SEVEN days!!!

The most exciting part for me is that our girls have absolutely NO CLUE that we’re even leaving town! My mom & dad are taking all of us, and they’ll drive this far the night before we leave. Then we’ll head to Portland the next day to get on the airplane. We’re not going to tell the girls where we’re going until the Disney Hotel Shuttle comes to the airport to pick us up! I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces when they realize exactly what we’re doing!

Emma and Harley have each flown several times, but Reagan and Katelyn have never been on an airplane, so the whole trip will be an adventure for them. I have had such a hard time keeping this secret, and now I’m fairly bursting at the seams hoping I can hold it in until then!

I can’t wait! Aaron can’t wait! Mon and Dad can’t wait!