The most recent picture of all four of our girlies together.  It was the weekend of Erika’s graduation from EOU.  A spur of the moment picture, but I love it! My parent’s pond is gorgeou... Read More
which includes a couple of the speed bumps (blessings) in Erika’s path to earn her degree.  Her family has been a rock this entire time; supporting her, loving her, and cheering her on.  Whi... Read More
My sister, Erika, graduated from Eastern Oregon University last weekend.  Her post-secondary education has been a winding path that started in Wisconsin, wound through Poland for several years, and f... Read More
I had a photoshoot in La Grande this morning, and when I was done, I was closer to Union than I was to Cove.  I decided to go back to Mom & Dad’s in Cove through Union so I could stop in at... Read More
When I was a Freshman in high school and my sister, Erika, was in the Seventh grade, we had an exchange student from Turkey live with us.  Her name was/is Zeynep.  That year was one of the most memo... Read More