The Support System

which includes a couple of the speed bumps (blessings) in Erika’s path to earn her degree.  Her family has been a rock this entire time; supporting her, loving her, and cheering her on.  While she did the work that earned her public recognition, they did the work that allowed her to achieve her dreams.  They are fabulous!

Erika’s husband, Scotty, rearranged his work schedules countless times to fit her school schedule better.  When she wasn’t home with their kiddos, he was.  He’s her right hand.20090614-320

Scotty and all six kids.  They did a great job of letting their mom study, sleep in after a late-night study session, and picking up the slack around the house so she didn’t have as much to stress over.20090614-293

The whole family.20090614-259

All the kiddos – from oldest to youngest – Tymek, Benjamin, Konrad, Lillian, Kayleigh, and Kendric.

The oldest three boys – Tymek, Konrad, and Benjamin.  The three older boys with Kendric, one of the twins.
20090614-204 20090614-226

Then came Lillian and the twins, Kayleigh and Kendric.
20090614-193 20090614-170

 Finally, the twins, Kayleigh and Kendric.
20090614-125 20090614-128

 Just for kicks, this picture of Benjamin.  I love how you can see his eyes focusing on the frog, but only his sweet little hand and the frog are in focus.

So – if any of you ever run into my sister, congratulate her on a job well done.  However, if you ever run into Scotty or any of the kids, thank them for being such a great support system for her that she was able to achieve her dream.

They are some of life’s real heroes.