The Graduation

My sister, Erika, graduated from Eastern Oregon University last weekend.  Her post-secondary education has been a winding path that started in Wisconsin, wound through Poland for several years, and finally culminated back in La Grande Saturday.  This adventure has taken her16 years, through the birth of her six children, and several other speed bumps along the way.  Through it all, she has persevered and, quite frankly, worked her tail off to earn her degree.  I am so very proud of her accomplishment; our whole family is.

One of the great honors she received was induction into the Pinnacle Honor Society – it is an honor society for non-tradiational students.  At the ceremony, my mom got to present Erika with her award because my mom was inducted into Pinnacle when she was in college.  Erika is the very first second generation Pinnacle member at EOU.

20090614B-028 20090614B-032

My dad and Erika walking in for the ceremony.
20090614B-042 20090614B-046

Dad and Erika waiting their turns.
20090614B-050 20090614B-072 

Finally in line to get her degree.
20090614B-076 20090614B-084

My dad retired many years ago, but he still teaches some DDE courses and works on his bat research at the college.  He was allowed to walk with the faculty during graduation so he could present my sisters diploma to her.  After the big hug, they turned around and gave me these great grins!  Awesome!
20090614B-090 20090614B-103

The walk out.  Phew, it’s over!
20090614B-116 20090614B-125

Erika’s friend Ev and her husband Forrest organized a party for her after graduation, and Erika’s kids made the signs.  They were adorable!
20090614B-134 20090614B-128

Congratulations, Erika, we are all so very very proud of you!