A Conversation With My Sister

Let me preface this post by saying a couple of things.  One, I absolutely ADORE my sister, and I cannot imagine my childhood or adulthood without her.  Two, we are as different from each other as night and day.  Three, she is probably one of the best mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends I’ve ever known! 

For a couple days, her status on Facebook has said, “Erika is NOT as good as a smurf!”, so tonight, she and I were finally on FB at the same time, so I asked her about it.  Below is our conversation:

ME:  Why are not as good as a smurf?

HER:  because blue isn’t my color

ME:  What is your color?

HER:  not blue all over

ME:  Are you blue all over then?

HER:  I was yesterday

ME:  Don’t be vague, just explain

HER:  tint exploded in the mixer at work last night

ME:  OIC.  That is funny!

You see, she works in the paint department for the company she works for, and she mixes paint colors all the time.  While I’m sure she didn’t think it was that funny, I sure did/do.  I’m sure her kiddos thought it was really funny, too when mommy got home and was all blue.