Underpinnings Done!

The underpinnings are finished, and I could not be more pleased with how well they turned out. When I make any of these individual pieces again, there will be little adjustments and changes I make, bu... Read More


The panniers, or pocket hoops, are the final piece of the underpinnings for the 18th Century Ensemble. They consisted of four pieces, six boning channels, 16 ties, and one waistband. Easy-peasy. AmyNa... Read More

Stays for Days

I am not sure why I am so intimidated making stays, but they terrify me. The process of making the stays started immediately after I finished making the underpetticoat; however, I also worked on makin... Read More

18th Century Pockets V1

Technically, the next step in the 18th Century project was to make the stays. I did start them after the shift, but then I got to the point of having to hand-stitch what seemed like miles and miles of... Read More

M4M Women’s Jade

The newest addition to the Made for Mermaids Resort Collection is the Jade Top, Dress, and Romper pattern. M4M Women’s Jade is packed full of options and is perfect for any occasion, day or nigh... Read More