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Emma really didn’t like the idea of being called Brace Face, but she thought TinGrin wasn’t too bad. Today was the day ~ she is now in braces for a couple years. Her last metal-less smile:... Read More

Eastern Oregon

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has some of the most beautiful sunrises. Getting up in the morning sucks, but at least I get to look at this every morning on my way to work. Makes it all worth while. AmyNature Girl. Mom. Wife. Frien... Read More

My Parents

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My parents, Donna & Burr, with their baby girl, Luna: I found this quote today and thought instantly of my parents: Give me the life of the boy whose mother is nurse,seamstress, washerwoman, cook,... Read More

The End Is Here

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Hunting Season has ended for me . . . Its sad, but not sad. I’m disappointed I wasn’t able to get anything, but I had such a great time trying! The season doesn’t actually end until ... Read More

bRaCe FaCe

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So here we go down the long path of paying out the nose so our girlies have nice mouths. Emma has been seeing the Orthodontist for about 4 years now, getting regular check-ups, just waiting for the pe... Read More


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One of the best friends I’ve ever had or ever will have sent this to me. They didn’t know what kind of day I was having or anything. It made me smile. I’m still smiling. These are th... Read More


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9.11.01 Not a soul in this country, and many across the world, will forget that day. Every one of us who is still here today remembers EXACTLY where they were that fateful morning. I was exactly three... Read More

Kidless! For a Whole Weekend!

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Aaron & I were elk hunting again this weekend, though this time we were childless. We had a great weekend, wandering the woods, NOT FINDING ANY ELK. That part of the weekend was frustrating, but w... Read More


Okay, so now, not even 10 minutes after posting I was frustrated with not being able to post pictures, the problem is fixed! YAY Blogger Team! One great one for a great morning: You just gotta love Ea... Read More


Today, on the way home from hunting, the girls and I stopped and watched the Fire Bomber out of La Grande work it’s magic on one of at least 12 new fires near Ukiah sparked by a HUGE lightning s... Read More


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These are Jackie’s Senior Portraits, but she’s only a Junior. Jackie is getting braces and wanted pictures before the braces just in case they weren’t off in time for her actual Seni... Read More

Family Fun

A sneak peek from the session I had this morning. This family was AWESOME to work with! They had fun, joked, laughed, and really made my job a piece of cake! AmyNature Girl. Mom. Wife. Friend. Photogr... Read More