Kidless! For a Whole Weekend!

Aaron & I were elk hunting again this weekend, though this time we were childless. We had a great weekend, wandering the woods, NOT FINDING ANY ELK. That part of the weekend was frustrating, but we did have a great weekend. Shelby’s kids, Josh & Bryce, and I completely dug out our old fire-ring and re-arranged all the rocks on the outside of it ~ at it’s widest point, it’s about 10′. It looks great now! I managed to get quite a few pictures of just “stuff” this weekend. Just stuff that makes me happy, it was great!

The other half of my heart.

This little guy let me get SO close, it was amazing!

Scroungy after a weekend without showers!

So now, we only have two full weeks of archery season left ~ cross your fingers we get something. For me, I only have next weekend because I have to be in town the last weekend for the IJSHS Booster Club Auction & Steak Feed.