The End Is Here

Hunting Season has ended for me . . .

Its sad, but not sad. I’m disappointed I wasn’t able to get anything, but I had such a great time trying! The season doesn’t actually end until Sunday, but I will be busy all week and weekend so I am done hunting until next year. Here’s some highlights from the last weekend ALL of us were hunting (I mean all of us who archery hunt). Aaron & I headed to the mountains Thursday evening, Jason & Rob made it up Friday afternoon, and Shelby showed up Saturday.

Friday morning, Aaron & I woke up to this:
Pretty amazing turnaround when the weekend before it was in the mid-eighties during the day.

Friday while we were waiting for Jason & Rob to show up, we went looking for some wood for our campfire. The look on his face is what you get when he’s loading a piece of wood in the back of the Expedition and accidentally sprays gravel everywhere! Pretty cute, if you ask me!

Friday night, Rob & I hunted for deer while Jason & Aaron looked for elk. None of us were successful, but we had a great time!

I wish I would have gotten a picture of Shelby. I have the BEST hunting partners in the world! They all work so hard to make sure I don’t have any questions, that I am always in “the know”, and that I feel like I’m part of the group. We all have nicknames we go by, and I think I have finally been dubbed “No~Name” because they couldn’t figure one out for me. I truly enjoy being with them! Here they are (minus Shelby aka PACKER).

Rob (HeyWood)

Jason (Captain Backstrap)

Aaron (Sure Shot)

and Me ~ Amy ~ (No Name)

This red-tail decided to pay us a visit Saturday afternoon. He sure was pretty!

Just because I can . . . one more picture of my honey.

The tradition in our camp is that each person shoots an arrow into our “Camp Tree” on the last day they hunt. Since today was my last day at camp, I left my sacrificial arrow for the 2006 season. It is the signal that the end is here.So, for the story of “The 2006 Hunting Season“, I say to you,

The End