bRaCe FaCe

So here we go down the long path of paying out the nose so our girlies have nice mouths. Emma has been seeing the Orthodontist for about 4 years now, getting regular check-ups, just waiting for the perfect time to put her braces on. Today was the day (FINALLY) to get the process started, and Dr. Irwin told us today that he expects them to be off within 18-24 months. Not bad.

She had her spacers put in between her molars to make room for the bands that will be put there in two weeks when she gets her braces actually put on. At first, she didn’t want me to take pictures of the whole process and was rather relieved to find out my camera battery was on the charger at home. Once we got home, though, she changed her mind and decided taking pictures of the process for a scrapbook might be kind of cool.

So here’s the first step in a long process, the spacers:

And here’s one of our last metal-less smiles:

So . . . hopefully they don’t cause her too much pain (which, in turn would cause me pain), and we breeze through this process easily!