My sister, Erika, graduated from Eastern Oregon University last weekend.  Her post-secondary education has been a winding path that started in Wisconsin, wound through Poland for several years, and f... Read More
  Someone sent me a picture of me playing Donkey Baksetball.  You can’t tell very well in this picture, but I was pulling as hard as I could on the reins trying to get my donkey to move.  Fun... Read More
It seems as if the past two years of Junior High for Emma have flown by, and it’s hard to believe we’re getting ready for her 8th Grade Graduation.  Heppner is one of the few schools arou... Read More
Aaron had surgery on his eyes Thursday.  He’s been wanting to have LASIK surgery for many many years, and we were finally able to have it done.  Unfortunately, Aaron didn’t have enough c... Read More
There are signs of Spring popping up everywhere.  Flowers are growing and blooming, animals are active and abundant, and the days are getting longer. Spring athletic seasons have started, too.  Base... Read More
After Katelyn & I got home from Cove during Spring Break, we just kind of hung around the house for a couple of days.  Thursday we watched our neice and nephew, Mya & Cade, and they stayed th... Read More