A Community Grieving

When people ask where I’m from and I tell them Irrigon, they get a blank look on their faces.  Usually I have to explain Irrigon’s location by relating it to Hermiston and the Tri-Cities.  I freely get annoyed because it’s hard to explain where Irrigon is.  It’s not on the I-84 corridor, so most people just don’t “get it”.  It’s frustrating.  I love Irrigon.  I love that my children are growing up in a small community.  I love that our community has deep roots with many families, including my own.  I love that the bonds of our community run deep, thick, and strong.  The bonds of our community have never been more obvious to me than through the events that have transpired over the past four days.

Thursday afternoon, a vibrant, smart, energetic, and sweet sixth-grade boy from Irrigon was killed in a tragic accident.  He was riding his dirt-bike practicing for the races this weekend when the accident occured that ended his life.  Trevor Fox was from a family who touched every person in this community in one way or another. 

Our entire community is grieving for a son lost, a brother mourned, and a friend who will never ride again.  It is in the face of this tragedy that I am reminded, once again, of the love, feeling of family, and deep rooted compassion that is a vital part of our community.  It was never more evident than during the candle-light vigil held in memory of Trevor and in honor of his life Friday night.  I would estimate that nearly one-thousand people showed up for the vigil, and I would not be exaggerating.  It was a beautiful tribute to a wonderful boy and family.


As you move through your lives this week, take a moment to think of Trevor Fox, his brother, parents, and the entire Fox family.