Work Crew

The second time we went to the mountains to get firewood was so much easier for a couple reasons.  We found a spot where all the wood we needed was within 100 yards of each other and the pick up, we were much more rested before we went to the mountains, and we had an able-bodied work crew with us.  All four of the girls worked really hard, though at times with some complaining.  We were able to get all the wood we needed in one day.  If it would have just been Aaron and me again, we would have tken at least two days.

The work crew.

Emma Kate with Lucy

Reagan – worked her butt off!

The Bug – Nice Face, Harley!  🙂

Katelyn – Miss Grumpy Pants!  🙂

Suzi is a princess.  She doesn’t like to jump.  She doesn’t like to be outside.  She is not adventurous.  She supervised all the work from under some bushes making sure we were working up to The Princess’ standards.

Thank goodness we’re done getting firewood – we were all very very tired!