Hunting Season has ended for me . . . Its sad, but not sad. I’m disappointed I wasn’t able to get anything, but I had such a great time trying! The season doesn’t actually end until ... Read More
I have a wireless remote for my camera that I have never used. Last night, after I hiked to where I was going to set up to hunt, I played with it a little. I really like it. It works up to 5 yards awa... Read More
Now, before I start any stories about how boys just never grow up, I will say, in their defense, these grown up boys were being boys to keep all our little girlies cool and having fun in the water. So... Read More
So, I just have to say, I have some of the best girlfriends in the world! I have some that have been my friend since I was really young, and I have some that have come into my life in the recent years... Read More
Aaron’s 15-year class reunion is this weekend, and the organizers are making a “scrapbook” with pictures from through the years, etc. I took pictures of our friends, the Timpy’... Read More
I have been asked for a picture to go along with a bio/press release, so Emma & I went out and took a few this morning. Not to shabby for a mom who chases around 4 girlies all day! Follow **At tim... Read More