Boys will be boys

Now, before I start any stories about how boys just never grow up, I will say, in their defense, these grown up boys were being boys to keep all our little girlies cool and having fun in the water. So, that said, here goes . . .

So, tell me, Jason, what exactly are you doing up in that tree? Oh, you have a rope? Wow, that doesn’t look dangerous at all, as you lean over the creek while you’re 20′ off the ground.

So, as I said, the boys were rigging this swing up for the girls to use. There is an incredibly deep pool in the creek we camp by, and they thought a rope swing over it would be great entertainment . . . for the girls, of course.

Mike just really needed to perform a Quality Control Inspection on the rope swing to make sure it worked as planned . . .
. . . it works! He had a nice cold bath right after this picture.

The girls all actually loved the swing, and each of them took several turns on it. Even Reagan tried it a couple times, though she never did let go and land in the water, she had to be “reeled” back in because she was scared to drop off (even with Mike standing right there in the water). What a great way for the kids to entertain themselves.