I love that I am getting to experiment with different forms of pottery this term, and I love the way these plates turned out!  I am not sure how practical they are, as I am positive I d... Read More

Playing Catch Up

My first somewhat decent mug/tumbler/something on the wheel. Last winter, about three weeks into the term, I broke my arm snowboarding. As if that wasn’t bad enough in and of itself, I was takin... Read More


My oldest daughter, Emma, played in the final volleyball game of her high school career yesterday.  it was very bittersweet for me because, even though I am excited to find out what her future holds,... Read More

Food, Candles, Guns, & Greens!

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My middle daughter, Harley, is raising money for a class field trip to Philadelphia, Washington DC, and New York in March.  She has been working really hard, and is earning her spending money by doin... Read More

My Princess

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Emma is on Homecoming Court again this year, and it is hard to believe it is her last one! I have more images of the whole court, but wanted to post this one of her with her escort, Aidan. So proud of... Read More

First & Last

For all three of my girlies, as with most kids around Eastern Oregon, today was the first day back to school after summer break.  I love the first day of school each year; it signifies the opportunit... Read More

Besty, Bestie, Betsy . . .

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I have known these two lovely ladies for nearly exactly 22 years . . . I met them both the August before I started my Senior year in high school.  After a lot of turmoil, unhappiness, bad grades, and... Read More

Floatilla and The Noodler

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One of the classes I have been taking this term is Design II (I took Design I last term).  Design I mostly taught two-dimensional design techniques and practices, and Design II is structured around t... Read More