Floatilla and The Noodler

Danielle, Meagan, Amy, Trevor, Christy, Jennifer, Tina, Doug, Auburn, Lilia, Amanda, Taylor, Alex, and Hannah

One of the classes I have been taking this term is Design II (I took Design I last term).  Design I mostly taught two-dimensional design techniques and practices, and Design II is structured around three-dimensional art (sculpture).  I wasn’t sure how much I would like a sculpture class, but I have actually really enjoyed it.  Throughout the term our assignments have focused on helping us utilize our strengths and improve our weaknesses, and although it’s been a struggle at times, I feel like I have learned a lot about design and about myself as an artist.

The “Final” for our class was a group project called Floatilla.  I despise group projects, and I usually hate every minute I am forced to work on them, but this project ended up being a complete blast!

The general objective of the assignment was to design and build a vessel to be launched AND RACED at the final.  The vessel had to carry at least one member of our group, include humor as meaning, and the form had to follow function.  Three of the girls (Taylor, Lilia, and Alex) in my group were in my Design I class, and the fifth was Amanda.

The Flag

I had an old inflatable kayak that used to belong to my mom, and Amanda welded a frame for it.  Once we stretched the kayak skin onto the frame, we started gluing swimming pool noodles to the outside – thus the reason we named it The Noodler.  We tested the boat once, but it sort of listed to one side, so we decided to add the outrigger to give it a little more balance.  After finishing the inside with cardboard and fabric, we added the flag, and it was ready to go!

The Noodler

There were two other groups working on this assignment – the Golden Swans and The Golfers.  Their boats ended up being amazing and fun, as well!

The Golden Swan
The Golfers

Our “Final Exam” was held at Morgan Lake.  Each team had to row their vessel from the boat launch to the earthen dam and back.  For me, the trip to the earthen dam was a breeze – literally!  There was a super light breeze to my back that gave me a great push; however, the trip back wasn’t quite so easy, and my arms now feel like jello!  The Golden Swan group nearly out-rowed me and won, but I managed to squeak in barely ahead of them.

Ready to Race
It’s a Quagmire!
Woo Hoo! Go Noodler!
Turning Around
Squeaking in to the Finish
Thank God! My Arms Hurt!

I had a great time, and I can’t wait to see the girls play around in The Noodler!

Now, can anyone loan me a couple of upper arms for a day or two?