Eighth Grade Banquet

Harley’s 8th Grade Graduation Banquet was Friday night.  The kids have been planning the celebration for months, and they did a fantastic job.  The food was yummy, the decorations were beauti... Read More

Christmas Day

Christmas morning at our house always includes three things:  1. Orange Rolls and Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast, 2. Reagan playing Santa Claus, and 3. Lots of laughing.  This year wasn’t any di... Read More

Why We Ride – Three Rivers Race

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Last year, after the girls and I rode in the Three Rivers Race, I said that I would explain why the race is so important to us.  I posted a slideshow about The Riders, and I wrote another post explai... Read More

I Learned to Weld!

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This term I am taking Design II, which focuses on 3D graphic elements.  For my most recent project, I needed to incorporate railroad tracks.  The only way to do so that was cost-effective (i.e. not ... Read More

A Late Valentine

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The girls and I had our pictures taken by Nelli from Sudbrock Portraits in La Grande.  My intention with the pictures was to give them as Valentine’s gifts to our family, but I did’t get ... Read More

Seriously, Dad!?!?!

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My dad, though a great do-it-yourself type of guy, is horribly accident prone. One tradition that was born of all my dad’s do-it-yourself projects is one that most of us probably wish wasn&#8217... Read More

My Year – 2011 In Review

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I’ve been working on writing this post in my head for a while now, and I decided the only way to actually get it done was to sit down and start typing.  If a stranger looked at my life during t... Read More

Remember That One Time . . .

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When I was in Junior High I ran cross country (I know, funny, right?).  During one of our meets, I hurt my foot.  When I told my parents about it, they just said it was just twisted and would get be... Read More

Dear Photograph

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There is a website called Dear Photograph that I absolutely love!  Each day they display a new “old” picture combination with it’s little story.  I have been wanting to submit one... Read More

Wow – Snow?

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I  actually really do love snow.  I love how quiet and peaceful it makes the world look, and how pretty it makes parts 0f our world that might not be so otherwise.  Last night it snowed.  I think ... Read More