Remember That One Time . . .

When I was in Junior High I ran cross country (I know, funny, right?).  During one of our meets, I hurt my foot.  When I told my parents about it, they just said it was just twisted and would get better.  I then walked around on my foot for at least a week (it might have been two, I can’t quite remember) when I noticed a funny bump on the side.  When I asked my mom, she thought that no, it probably wasn’t supposed to be there so off to the doctor we went.  As it turned out, I had actually broken my foot, and my parents had  forced me to walk around on it!  I’ve never really let them live that down, either.

Fast-forward 26 years to present day.  My youngest daughter, Reagan, is 9.  She is my all-out tom-boy.  She loves to look pretty and dress up, but wearing nice clothes doesn’t hinder her activities.  She loves to explore, be outside, and play with her friends.  She is rough and tumble and tough as can be!  Since moving to Cove, Reagan has started playing football before and after school and during recess (with the 5th grade boys).  About three weeks ago she came home from school telling me she hurt her knee playing football during lunch recess.  I told her “It’s just bruised, you’ll be fine. Go play.”

I am eating those words now.

Reagan’s knee hasn’t gotten any better, and so we took her to the doctor yesterday.

I will not be winning any mother-of-the-year awards this year.

Not only was her knee not “just bruised”, it was sprained pretty severely, and she has a “flimsy, loose” Lateral Collateral Ligament.  She has to wear an immobilizer brace and be on crutches for four weeks!  Are you kidding me?  For anyone who knows Reagan, the thought of her being restrained by the limitations of crutches is hilarious.  I think by the end of the four weeks we may be ready to tear our hair out!

Papa and Reagan weren’t able to get crutches last night, so Mom and I went to town and got her some this morning.  Afterwards I took the crutches to school to give them to Reagan.  We had to adjust and re-adjust them several times until they fit just right, and then we had a little “How to walk with crutches.” lesson in the hallway.  Watching her trying to walk on them was pretty funny and nerve wracking at the same time.  I am more worried about the injuries she may end up with trying to navigate on crutches for the next four weeks.