To Do Tuesday – October 24

Welcome to To Do Tuesday – October 24


Christine at Stitch ALL The Things hosts To Do Tuesday.  TDT is a great weekly motivator to finish projects and (for me) to keep my To Do List manageable.

My list from October 17:

1.  Leggings & Shirts for Harley
2.  Women’s Knit Top Pattern Test
3. Paint the Theater Door Interior

Well, wouldn’t you know, we had the whole weekend free, and Mother Nature decided to be disagreeable.  It poured all weekend, so we didn’t get anything done on the shed.  However, I was able to dedicate some time to sewing for another project I’ve been working on, and Emma came to town for help with her Halloween Costume.

1.  Leggings & Shirts for Harley

I’m curious how many times I’m going to put this off.  I absolutely have to get these done and mailed to Harley this week!  They are my number 1 priority!


2.  Women’s Knit Top Pattern Test

You guys are going to LOVE this top when it releases!  It is super comfortable, but looks very delicate and upscale!  I cannot wait to share it; in the meantime, I will share one of the fabric combinations I am using.  The metallic sweater knit on the left is going to be the main fabric, and the lace on the right is the accent.  I have no doubt it will be my favorite version!


3.  Paint the Theater Door Interior

This project is DONE!!!  With the exception of a few touch ups on each surface, all the doors are painted and ready for winter, and now the theater door matches the rest of the dark room instead of being a glaring gray blob in our dark space.  I painted the door the same purple that is on the left wall.


4.  White Booty Shorts for Reagan

Apparently Reagan had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction last weekend during one of the performances of The Addams Family Musical.  She plays the 50’s girl ancestor, and her costume is all white.  She is supposed to wear all white under her costume, but for some reason last weekend, she wore black spandex under her skirt.  It happened to be the same show the costumer was sitting in the front row.  LOL, oops!  She needs another pair of white spandex before this weekends’ shows, and luckily I have white fabric that is suitable.


5.  Women’s Woven Top Pattern Test

This promises to be another great top pattern, and it is perfect for the coming winter months!  Let me just say . . . flannel!  Perfect for someone who is always cold like me!  Here’s a small preview, though.


Pattern Test Shares

I am finally able to share finished pattern tests that have released, so here we go (click on the image to read my corresponding blog post):

1. Made for Mermaids Darcey Duster and Mama Darcey Duster Tops


THE DRESS pattern is releasing Thursday, so I will have pictures to share next week for sure.


My to-do list for this week:

1.  Leggings & Shirts for Harley
2.  Women’s Top Pattern Test
3.  White Booty Shorts for Reagan
4.  Women’s Woven Top Pattern Test


What are you working on this week?

4 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday – October 24

  1. Home theater! Wow! What a great room to enjoy! Hope all your sewing projects go well for you this week. Leggings and booty shorts sound like a must. Just wondering, do you have a designated sewing room?

    1. I do not have a designated seeing room, yet. My machines are sweet up in our living room, and I use the dining room table for cutting. Once kids are gone,then I’ll have a room, so another year or two.

      1. That was me too. Dining room sewing. But once a few kids moved out, I claimed a room. Since you do so much sewing, I was just wondering. Thanks for the reply!

  2. Sorry for the rain ruining outdoor plans, but yay for accomplishing stuff indoors! Love the color of your theatre room… makes me want to grab some popcorn and plop down for a show! Your teaser of that top… definitely makes me excited to see your finish! And yay for winter and flannel!

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