To Do Tuesday October 11


Welcome to To Do Tuesday October 11 hosted by Christine over at Stitch All the Things.

This is what my To Do Tuesday list from October 4th looked like:

1.  Finish Pattern Testing & Pictures
2.  August TSNEM – Bodice Sloper (remeasure and adjust pattern accordingly)
3.  September TSNEM – Hat and Mask making
4.  October TSNEM – Hand Piecing & Quilting

Thank goodness for downtime!  I have been able to relax and enjoy myself quite a bit this past week, and it was so nice to be able to get some sewing done!

1.  Finish Pattern Testing & Pictures

I am so excited that this pattern has finally released!  Yesterday I wrote a post about the Willow Kimono by Designer Stitch that included pictures from the “official” version of my make.  Designer Stitch is a pattern company in Australia, and the designer, Ann, has a wonderful variety of beautiful patterns!  I am not normally a kimono-type person, but I have already worn this one a couple of times, and I love it!  The comfort level is incredible!

willow-kimono-designer-stitch-05 To Do Tuesday October 11 willow-kimono-designer-stitch-15 To Do Tuesday October 11 willow-kimono-designer-stitch-01 To Do Tuesday October 11 willow-kimono-designer-stitch-03 To Do Tuesday October 11

2.  August TSNEM – Bodice Sloper

I didn’t work on this project at all this week, but I am ready to get it done.  I re-measured Reagan, and I have re-drafted the flat pattern pieces, I just need to make the muslin now to make sure it fits.  If it does, then I can make the dress she has been asking for (based on the picture below) and cross this project off my list!

3.  September TSNEM – Hat and Mask Making

I have the pieces for the hat cut out and ready to start covering and stitching together.  I also have the fabric set aside and ready to cover the pieces.  I just need to decide on what type of embellishments I am going to add.

4.  October TSNEM – Hand Piecing & Quilting

I am really excited for this month’s TSNEM because months ago I bookmarked this group of posts from Erin at Why Not Sew?, and I finally get to follow her tutorials!  I don’t plan on making anything big, probably just a block that I can turn into a pot-holder.  Since my sewing machine isn’t currently working, this is a perfect project for this month!

My list for this week is nearly identical to last weeks because I only finished one of my projects.  I am also adding one to my list because I cut out and started sewing two Aurora T-Shirts from Hey June Handmade last night.  Unfortunately, my machine stopped working right at the very end – when I was almost done sewing them both!  I hope to get my daughter’s old machine working tonight – at least enough to finish the two shirts.

1.  August TSNEM – Bodice Sloper (remeasure and adjust pattern accordingly)
2.  September TSNEM – Hat and Mask making
3.  October TSNEM – Hand Piecing & Quilting
4.  Finish Hey June Handmade Aurora T-Shirts

What are you working on this week?

8 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday October 11

  1. I just love it when I have some downtime to get caught up too. The Kimono is fab… That fringe makes it especially fun! I checked out that link to the hand sewing blog posts and I really like how she put that all together. It makes me want to attempt to hand sew a quilt in the future. It would be great to do in the evenings when I want to do some hand work, but I don’t want to cross stitch. Thanks for sharing that info!

    1. Thank you, the kimono really is fun to wear! I am excited about my hand piecing project, but I have no idea what to make!

  2. Thank you for posting this wonderful article! I love the kimono! They are fun and so comfortable and elegant at the same time! Also, the link you provided to Why Not Sew? was one of the best hand piecing tutorials I’ve seen! Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. You’re welcome, I am happy I provided useful information!

  3. That’s a great fabric and fringe combo for your kimono! Looks like a fun piece to add to your wardrobe.

    1. Thank you, Sharon! I don’t normally wear clothing that is this “organic” or flow-y, but I really love it!

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