To Do Tuesday June 14


After several weeks of being too busy to get much sewing and crafting done, I finally had time to work on some projects this week!  I did end up rearranging my To-Do List for this week, and I added some items that were higher priority than what I was trying to work on.  It’s time for another To Do Tuesday over at Stitch All The Things!

Last week’s list:

1.  Quilting Class Quilt
2.  Red Damask LARP Tunic
3.  By Hand London Flora Dress
4.  TSNEM:  Making & Using Piping
5.  Dress Pattern Testing


1.  Quilting Class Quilt – The class I took was a quilting for beginners class, but I learned a lot of helpful tips and shortcuts!  The class focused on 4-patch, 9-patch, and half square triangles and all the different block variations that can be made with those simple blocks.  I was going to put off this quilt until later in the summer, but a dear girl I know and her husband just had their first baby – he is 11 weeks early, and I want to send her something to love on and snuggle him with during their long days in the NICU.  I didn’t get any cutting or piecing done on this quilt, but I do have all the fabric pulled and ready to go.


2.  Red Damask LARP Tunic – UGH.  I have had this tunic and matching cloak cut out for two months just waiting to be sewn together, and I FINALLY had time to work on it over the weekend.  I was able to get the entire top put together (it fit wonderfully) and started on the lined skirt, and that is where it all went wrong.  Unfortunately, I did not pay attention when I was cutting out the skirt pieces, and I did NOT reverse the pattern when I cut out the second piece.  I ended up with two right side skirt panels instead of a right and a left.  Todd bought the fabric for me as a gift when our LQS went out of business a few months ago, and I cannot get more.  Unfortunately, the tunic part of this project is not salvageable, and I had to throw it away.  I nearly cried when I realized what I had done because I love the fabric!  Fortunately, though, the cloak pieces were cut out correctly, and I was at least able to finish that.  Thank goodness!  Incidentally, this is my twelfth finish for the Quarter 2 Finish-A-Long being held by Clover & Violet.


3.  By Hand London Flora Dress – Harley asked me to make her the Flora Dress from By Hand London, and she wants to be able to wear it for some of her senior pictures this summer.  I haven’t started sewing it together yet, but it is next on my list to start putting together since the LARP Tunic was a flop.  I helped Harley layout the fabric and pattern, and she got the whole dress and lining cut out Sunday morning.  I plan on starting it tonight, and it looks like an easy enough sew (only four pattern pieces) that I might be able to get it all done tonight.  Cross your fingers.


4.  TSNEM:  Making & Using Piping – I haven’t started this project yet, but the pattern I am going to be testing this next week will be perfect with some nice accent piping!

5.  Dress Pattern Testing – I can’t say much about the pattern yet because it hasn’t been released, but I have started testing a dress pattern that has several waist options (high, mid, low), several sleeve options, and multiple length options, as well.  I have the pattern printed, taped, and cut out, and I will be sewing the top up this week.  This is actually a pattern re-release, so we are just testing the fitting of the changes.

I am really happy with everything I got done this week, even though I had to completely trash one project!  After I roll over the incomplete items from this week and add the new pattern I will be testing, I have five things to finish.

1.  Quilting Class Quilt
2.  By Hand London Flora Dress
3.  Dress Pattern Testing
4.  TSNEM:  Making & Using Piping
5.  Swing Top and Dress Pattern Testing

What do you have planned this week?

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7 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday June 14

  1. Those fabrics are so bright and cheery, I can only imagine how wonderful it will be to have that in the NICU. What a beautiful gift to give.

    I am so sorry about the LARP tunic! That is definitely worthy of tears. Yikes! Is the fabric completely out of print? No one else carries it? Sometimes I’ve noticed Instagram users will post a picture of a fabric they are looking for and ask if anyone has extra they can sell… Might that be an option to find the fabric? I am sorry for that disappointment!

    1. Thank you – she’s more of a fourth daughter than a friend, so it’s very hard to be at home and not with her. She was flown to Spokane before he was born, so not even really close enough for a quick visit. However, they are in one of the best places around to help that little guy grow successfully.

      Yeah, I absolutely cannot believe the luck with the stupid tunic. I’ve been sewing since I was really small, so almost 40 years, probably, and I cannot believe I made such a rookie mistake. 🙂 Maybe I will see if I can find more of the fabric, those are great suggestions for finding more.

      Thank you for the kind words!

  2. What a week of ups and downs. I hope the little baby fairs well. I can imagine that your quilt gift will be so appreciated and will speak volumes of love. I have had a few garment flops, and saved the fabrics to use in future quilts, so hope you really didn’t toss that tunic! Have fun in the quilting class, they are always a great place to pick up tips and helpful hints in sewing.

    1. Dang, I didn’t even think of saving the fabric for a quilt. I really did throw it away. Baby is doing really really well, and I’m hoping to be able to go see him sometime soon.

    2. Thank you, she will love the quilt, I am sure. I had a few hiccups this week, so I didn’t quite get it finished, but soon!

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