To Do Tuesday May 24th


Hey, guess what?  It’s time for another To Do Tuesday over at Stitch All The Things!  I got a lot accomplished last week, and that makes me really happy!

Last week’s list:

1.  Custom Burp Cloths
2.  Emmaline Bags The Retreat Bag
3.  Go to Leggings for the littles in my life
4.  Red Damask LARP Tunic
5.  LARP Waist Quiver & Belt

1.  Custom Burp Cloths – I FINALLY FINISHED!  I made these burp cloths following this tutorial from Simple Simon and Company.  I am not at all happy with how these turned out, but they will work.  The first issue is that I bought the wrong kind of cloth diaper, so I had to fudge fold these to create the extra padding in the center.  That whole thing just threw the whole project off; however, I am sure that the set of twins these are headed for don’t care how pretty the cloth is that they are spitting up on. 😀  In addition, I used quilting cotton instead of gauze fabric, and I am sure that affected how they turned out, as well.


2.  Emmaline Bags The Retreat Bag – I did not get to these, either, so I’ll move them along to next week, as well.  They are a project that is in the “I’ll get to it when I get to it” part of my brain, so I don’t mind not finishing them.

3.  Go to Leggings for the littles in my life.  Another finish this week!  After finally getting these all made, I am rather red-faced at how easy they were, and I realize I very easily could have finished them weeks ago.  One pair took literally less than 30 minutes!


4.  Red Damask LARP Tunic – I was hoping to get this done this week, but I didn’t even touch it.  I was concentrating on the quiver and didn’t have time to do both.

5.  LARP Waist Quiver & Belt – I didn’t think I was going to be able to finish this project because I was going to finish it last Thursday evening (our LARP event started Friday), but we ended up buying a refrigerator instead, and I spent the evening getting it moved in and the food switched over from our old fridge.   Since all I needed to do to finish it was to add the belt, I took the quiver and supplies with me and finished it during the downtime at the event.  I am actually really happy I used it because I found some small design flaws that I will need to fix before the August event.  I labeled everything on the picture so it might be easier to understand what each piece is for.


I am really happy with everything I got done this week, especially since we were coming off the excitement of a wedding week and a very busy week at school!  After I roll over the incomplete items from this week, I have several things to finish this week.  I did some rearranging since this coming weekend is our first LARP event of the year and I would like to have those two items finished before we leave Friday.

1.  Emmaline Bags The Retreat Bag
2.  Red Damask LARP Tunic
3.  Gray Circle Skirt
4.  TSNEM:  Making & Using Piping
5.  Moda Block Shuffle

What do you have planned this week?

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4 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday May 24th

  1. Those burp cloths are so bright and cheery! I’m saving that link for when I need some newborn baby gifts.

    Those leggings are really cute. Love the fabric you used, and how great to discover it’s a quick sew too!

    How nice you got to give your quiver a test run as well, and work out any issues. Yay! Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Thank you! So far, it’s been a great week, and only looking to get better!

      The burp cloths are super easy to make, I just used the wrong fabric. Lessons learned. The leggings are adorable on, too! I’ll have to try to grab a picture!

  2. You had some nice progress this week! I like the burp clothes, if I was more organized, having some made up ahead of time for all the moms I know expecting, would be good on-hand gifts. Cute leggings too! More pictures please of your LARP costumes!

    1. Thank you, Sharon! That was my goal with the burp cloths, but I was so frustrated using the wrong type of diapers and the wrong type of cover fabric I only got these four made. I do still have some of the incorrect diapers, so I’ll probably make it work, eventually.

      The leggings really are super easy – it’s definitely a pattern I recommend everyone keep on hand just because. They make a quick gift sew, as well.

      I’m really bummed because when I got home and downloaded pictures, I realized I only got a couple of my full costume (it’s in the LARP Waist Quiver post). I will definitely have to get more at our August camp, if not before!

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