4 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday October 18

  1. Okay, first… Pip is adorable in Pink. Love a great v-neck long sleeved shirt, and yours is awesome! I really do need to get to work on making some t-shirts. v-necks are my favorite and I always have the hardest time finding one that fits right. I am bookmarking the patterns for later!

    1. Pip is pretty adorable, and I don’t mind indulging Harley – I mean if that’s the worst thing she ever does?

      I have a hard time finding shirts that fit well, and I absolutely love the Union St. I could probably fill my closet with them and never get bored with my wardrobe. I also really don’t like crew necks, and Adrianna’s v-neck tutorial is the bomb.com!

  2. OK, pink Pip is adorable. I’m thinking orange come Halloween? Oh, and congrats with completing another year of volleyball! My youngest was a three-sports girl and volleyball was my favorite to watch. She’s a Jr. in college now.

    Love your t-shirts! Were do you purchase your fabrics? I love the mix of fabrics you used. I must (sadly) admit, that the last t-shirt I made shrink up to midriff length when I washed it! Kind of turned me off to future attempts. Do you pre-wash?

    1. Well, the dye Harley used is temporary, but only washes out, and I don’t think she’ll have enough baths before Halloween. Maybe for Thanksgiving, though!

      I do pre-wash my fabric, and usually in pretty hot water so I know they’re not going to shrink again. All of the t-shirts I have made so far have been Cotton/Lycra blend from Peek-A-Boo Fabric Shop or Fabric.com. I have made a few here and there from knit I got at Wal-Mart, but they definitely don’t hold up as well.

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