More Softball

Our Spring Break was filled with softball for Harley and the Union-Cove LadyCats.  Monday was the first scheduled JV game against Weston-McEwen.  Harley walked once, had two singles, and hit a doubl... Read More

Minecraft Explosion!

This week, we had to construct a “set” and create a series of photographs utilizing the set.  Since we have been playing Minecraft so much lately, I decided to make a set with a Creeper e... Read More

Ambient Light Project

This term I am taking a studio photography class.  I have a studio light, but I have never learned how to use it properly.  One of my goals with this class is to learn how to use my light in all typ... Read More

This Great, Giant Need

For as long as I can remember, I have had this driving need to go.  I don’t need to have a specific destination, I just need to go, as if I am always searching and never finding.  There are t... Read More