Ambient Light Project

This term I am taking a studio photography class.  I have a studio light, but I have never learned how to use it properly.  One of my goals with this class is to learn how to use my light in all types of scenarios.  I love to learn, and I feel that the more I can master as a photographer, the better I will be overall.

The first project for our class was ambient light, no added lights allowed.  We were to alter the lighting in the image by turning on or off lights already there.  I took my images in our loft, so I had the ability to use a floor lamp, a directional can light, the overhead fan-light, and three windows.

These are the three images I showed for critique in class.  The difference between them and the Lego images is the addition of the reading light on Reagan’s Kindle.

IMG_2044 IMG_2061 IMG_2069

With the rest of these, I just couldn’t decide if I liked them better than the ones of Reagan for the spirit of the assignment.  While I like the images, I think the ones of Reagan demonstrate the changing ambient light better.

The Lone Ranger:

IMG_2397 IMG_2371 IMG_2381



IMG_2481  IMG_2448  IMG_2411

I get a kick out of the dementor flying around the top of one of the towers, and I love the look of concentration on Reagan’s face in the last one.