Master Bedroom

Even though we finished all three of the rooms we made out of The Garage at the same time, I felt like I needed to break the remodel of the garage up into four separate posts because of the amount of ... Read More

The Garage

I feel like I need to break the remodel of the garage up into four separate posts because of the amount of work that went into it.  This was by far the most work-intensive part of the remodel since w... Read More

The New Bed

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Well, we finally did it.  One of us finally made it to Portland to buy our new bed and nightstands from Ikea.  After my whirlwind trip with Katelyn down and back in one day (by the way, we didn&#821... Read More

Progress – January 15

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For once, I can say that work on the new house has slowed down.  It has slowed down for probably a couple of months – at least until Spring when we can paint the exterior and start working on t... Read More

Progress – January 12

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The progress being made on our house these days is significant, but many times, its not very obvious. Tom has been busy installing the rest of the baseboard and door casings.  After he installs it, m... Read More

Progress – December 9

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So much has happened in the past seven days, it’s incredible!  I was really trying hard to post daily, but life took over and we were too busy!  My dad has started playing a game with me every... Read More

Picky, Picky, Picky!

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Aaron and I are both very picky about colors and we have very different opinions about colors.  He *hates* red (seriously – I don’t believe hate is too strong of a word) and I *love* red ... Read More

Painting the Town

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Well, okay, so maybe we haven’t been painting the town, but we sure have been painting the house!  We are  excited about the colors we’ve chosen, and we love the way the house is looking... Read More