Magnetic Cutting System

Todd purchased my Magnetic Cutting System as a gift for my birthday. About six months have passed, and I have used it enough I feel like I can give a pretty objective review.

I was sold on the DIYStyle Magnetic Cutting System after reading two reviews. After receiving it, I was a bonafide convert. I am NOT an affiliate for DIYStyle, and I do not receive any compensation from them. This cutting mat is simply pure gold!

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The cutting system has three pieces: the mat, a 36″ T-Square, and magnets.

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The mat is two-sided; it has the 1″ block measurement side, and the backside is cork. The cork side is perfect for using tracing paper and marking wheel. Both sides work great with the magnets!

The magnets are super strong, and they easily hold down several layers of fabric. In addition, they fit into the holes of the T-Square which allows them to hold it to the mat for perfectly straight edges every time!

Speaking of the T-Square, it is made of durable, clear plastic. It has holes every four inches along the center to hold it to the mat, and the “T” end is thicker, which allows the user to hold it directly against the edge of the mat.

Putting it to Work

The first project I made using the cutting system was the Made for Mermaids Gable Briefs. If you’ve ever sewn with athletic and/or swim fabric, you know how slippery it can be. The magnets held strong, and I didn’t have a single issue cutting the fabric.

I even held the mat vertically and shook it to try to knock the magnets off, and they held solid!

The final project – four new pairs of underwear for Todd!

I will be completely honest, this magnetic cutting system is expensive; however, after using it for six months, I recommend it without reservation.


Below is a video from DIYStyle that talks more about the system: