To Do Tuesday September 12

Welcome to To Do Tuesday September 12


Christine at Stitch ALL The Things hosts To Do Tuesday.  TDT is a great weekly motivator to finish projects and (for me) to keep my To Do List manageable.

My list from September 5:

1.  Dresses for Emma
2.  Sewing Portfolios Ambassador Project & Blog Post
3.  Pins & Needles Kit Assembly & Blog Post
4.  Woven Top Pattern Test for Girls & Women

I feel like I got a ton done this week, but of course, most of it wasn’t on my list.  We had a meeting for the new youth theater troupe that Reagan has been invited to join.  Our LARP group held the second event of the year which kept Todd busy.  I deep cleaned and painted Harley’s bedroom so I could move my sewing/crafting stuff there.  In addition, I participated in a sew-a-long for the Cocoon Cardigan from Patterns for Pirates, and I made myself this pretty lovely!  Excuse the dirty bathroom mirror, I haven’t had time to take styled pictures yet.

As a side note, when Harley left for school, she decided to leave her dog, Pip, at home.  You know, freedom as a college student is important. 😀  Normally, Pip doesn’t sleep in her crate, and we don’t crate her during the day.  However, as I was painting and cleaning Harley’s room, Pip firmly ensconced herself in her crate and wouldn’t leave my side.  I think she’s missing her girl.

1.  BSD Maggie Dresses for Emma

Some day . . . I am going to take these off my list since I have made zero progress on them.  I will get them done eventually.  Urgh!

2.  Sewing Portfolios Ambassador Project & Blog Post

Waiting on the re-releae of this pattern to share images, but it is completely finished!

3.  Pins & Needles Kit Assembly & Blog Post

A few months ago, I wrote a “reveal” post about the Pins & Needles Kit I received.  I need to finish the project and write the post and review of the project.

4.  Woven Top Pattern Test for Girls & Women

I added this test to my to-do list late last week, and it was a quick turn around.  The testing process is complete, and I can’t wait to share my creations!!!  Gah!  I am so impatient!!!


My to-do list for this week:

1.  Sewing Portfolios Ambassador Project & Blog Post
2.  Pins & Needles Kit Assembly & Blog Post
3.  Finish re-doing Harley’s room
4. Make another “Marjorie” dress with a high-low skirt hack for the pattern release blog tour


Are you working on anything fun this week?

4 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday September 12

  1. Poor Pip. Hope she settles into her new normal soon with Harley off to school! Same for you too – looks like you are keeping busy!

    1. Thank you! Pip has started to settle in, and Harley Facetimes us frequently, so Pip hears her voice. It’s pretty funny watching her try to find Harles.

  2. Definitely sounds like a super busy week! That cardigan is fantastic. I am ready for winter weather and wearing cardigans, myself. Our Mugsy gets into a funk when things change around the house, especially when the kids leave for summer. I hope Pip gets comfortable again soon.

    1. Thank you, I am excited because this week we’re supposed to have cooler weather, and I’ll be able to wear it! Pip has finally settled down.

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