To Do Tuesday February 14

Welcome to To Do Tuesday February 14!

Christine at Stitch ALL The Things hosts To Do Tuesday.  TDT is a great weekly motivator to finish projects and (for me) to keep my To Do List manageable.

My list from February 7:

1.  Finish Tunic & Legging Capsule Wardrobe and take pictures
2.  Start piecing jean quilt
3.  Write 2016 Wrap-Up/2017 Goals Post

So, let’s see what progress I made!


I am super excited because I got to sew nearly every day this past week!  The days I didn’t sew were by choice rather than circumstances, and that made it even better.

1.  Finish Tunic & Legging Capsule Wardrobe & Take Pictures

I should have added that in addition to leggings, I have also been making joggers.  The ease in the leg should be enough that I can wear them over my knee brace for an added layer of warmth.  I am not quite finished with all the leggings, joggers, and tunics, but I definitely will be by next Tuesday, so I’ll post more pictures then.  For now, I have a few quick phone pictures to share.

In order:  Star Wars Mama Bear Joggers, Star Wars Peg Legs, pile of finished Peg Legs, Peg Legs and Sweet Tee, and finally Peg Legs and a Sweet Tee I modified to copy a Pinterest inspiration picture.

2.  Start Piecing Jean Quilt

Unfortunately, this project is still on the back burner, and I doubt I will have time to work on it before I have surgery.  It is a priority, though, after recovery.

3.   Write 2016 Wrap-Up/2017 Goals Post

I have not written my 2016 Wrap-Up/2017 Goals Post yet, but I would like to get it done this week, if I can.  Since I have sewn nearly every night, that means I have not been at the computer, so I have not had time to write.   I have started putting it together, but I am not going to pressure myself to get it finished.

My To Do List is the same as last week, but oh so easy to finish!

1.  Finish Tunic & Legging Capsule Wardrobe and take pictures
2.  Start piecing jean quilt
3.  Write 2016 Wrap-Up/2017 Goals Post

What are you working on this week?

2 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday February 14

  1. Love all of those leggings prints… Especially the Star Wars print! Yay for sewing as much as you want, when you want. Love that. Love that tunic you made too. What a great sewing week.

    1. Thank you, the leggings are all so comfortable! I told Todd I may never want to wear jeans again, but after months of only leggings, I’m sure that’s not a reality! It was a fabulous sewing week!

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