To Do Tuesday November 8


It’s been two weeks since I posted any updates or finishes, and it’s not because I wasn’t getting anything done, on the contrary.  Since I was lazy and didn’t post last week, this is going to be a double installment of To Do Tuesday, covering October 25 and November 8.  As usual, To Do Tuesday is hosted by Christine over at Stitch All the Things.

This is what my To Do Tuesday from October 25 looked like:

1.  August TSNEM – Bodice Sloper (remeasure and adjust pattern accordingly)
2.  September TSNEM – Hat and Mask making
3.  Patterns 4 Pirates Slim Fit Raglans (coral, floral, and geometric)

I have been embroiled in some selfish sewing and some selfish gaming the past two weeks, and amazingly, I don’t feel the need to apologize for either. 😀  I don’t play very many video games (like two, to be exact – Minecraft and World of Warcraft).  I also don’t usually like to spend a lot of time in front of the computer since I do that all day.  However, recently World of Warcraft released a new version, and I have been enjoying playing it.  It has been nice to get back in touch with my gaming friends and guild.  In addition, I have loved the selfish sewing I am doing.  I was in need of some updated wardrobe pieces.

1-2.  August TSNEM – Bodice Sloper & September TSNEM – Hat and Mask Making

I am still of the mind that I would like to get these done prior to the end of the year, but I have let it go and won’t be upset if I don’t get them done.  If I don’t manage to finish them this year, I will add them to my list for next year.  Problem solved.

 3.  Patterns 4 Pirates Slim Fit Raglans (coral, floral, and geometric)

Hi Five for finished projects, especially warm, cozy ones!  I made two of the raglans I had planned on making, though I did switch out the floral fabric for a double sided purple and gray instead.

To Do Tuesday November 8 To Do Tuesday November 8

I still have to make the geometric one, and I bet it is every bit as comfortable as these two are!  One really nice thing about this pattern is how easy it is to sew, even with the addition of the add on pieces.  I can tell it is going to be a staple in my wardrobe soon.

4.  Tunic and Dress Pattern Testing

I started testing another pattern, this time for a top, tunic, and dress.  The first version is finished and fits well, but there are some pattern revisions that need to happen across the board, so I will be making at least one more.  I am excited to share it because it is absolutely adorable, and it is super comfortable, too!

For this week’s list, I am really only adding the November TNSEM Project and the Tunic and Dress Pattern Testing.  I am (cross your fingers) hoping to get the bodice sloper done because the fabric I want to use to make the lace overlay project would work perfectly as a dress for Reagan.  I suspect the third raglan will be my next actual finish since the pattern is out and being used already.

1.   Patterns 4 Pirates Slim Fit Raglans (coral, floral, and geometric)
2.  November TNSEM – Lace Overlay
3.  Tunic and Dress Pattern Testing
4.  August TSNEM – Bodice Sloper (remeasure and adjust pattern accordingly)
5.  September TSNEM – Hat and Mask making

What are you working on this week?

4 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday November 8

    1. Thank you so much! I love being able to customize the clothing I wear!

  1. I haven’t played either of those games, but I understand the feeling. I got sucked into Legend of Zelda for quite a while and was super satisfied when I made it to the reverse-world! When I need a break from things I grab my phone and start playing games there. There’s no shame in gaming! It’s nice to have diverse interests. Great sewing this week…. Those raglan tops look so cozy and perfect for fall/winter! Love that grey and purple one!

    1. Yes! It’s fun to go into an alternate world and “blow shit up” to quote GI Jane. The raglans are so cozy and warm – perfect for me since I work in an office full of hot blooded men who like to have the window open no matter the temperature! 😀

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