PAB Pemberley Pullover

I finally got around to making myself the PAB Pemberley Pullover from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop, and I am kicking myself for waiting for so long!

Pemberley Raves!

One of my favorite on-line fabric and pattern shops is Peek-A-Boo Pages (PAB Fabric Shop and PAB Pattern Shop).  There are several reasons I love it – first, it is owned by a woman, Amy Hindman, and she is local (to me) – about 45 miles away.  I have never been to her warehouse in person, but I love supporting our local economy.  Even though her shop only has an online presence, it still feeds directly into our economy.

Amy’s patterns are always spot-on, easy to follow, and reasonably priced.  I have tested several patterns for her, and each one has been amazing – I even sewed my very first swim suit as a tester!  Amy also specializes in custom knit fabric and coordinates.  In addition to her custom knits, she carries a variety of high quality fabric including quilting cottons and swim.

In September, Amy released the new Pemberley Pullover Pattern, and I was immediately smitten.  I purchased the pattern on its release date, printed it, and then it sat gathering dust.  Early in September, I ordered PAB Poppy Stripe French Terry from Amy, as well, and since arriving, it has also just sat not being used.  I finally broke out both the pattern and the french terry this weekend and made myself a Pemberley Pullover.


It is super soft, warm, and it was very easy to sew!  I have worn it twice, and I have had compliments from tons of people who are then shocked to find out that I made it myself.

If you have been waffling about doing some selfish sewing and what to make, the Pemberley Pullover is a perfect starting point!  I will be making more, for sure!

This is the seventh project I have finished for the Quarter Four Finish-A-Long group.

6 thoughts on “PAB Pemberley Pullover

    1. Thank you! I normally wouldn’t buy that type of fabric for me, but I’m forcing myself to step out of my box with fabric choices. Otherwise everything I owned would be gray, black, or some other neutral. LOL Once I saw these poppy’s on Amy’s site, I couldn’t resist.

  1. For some reason, your photos are not showing but I trust it’s there! You have been so productive this quarter! On behalf of the 2016 FAL team of hosts, thanks for sewing along with us!

    1. That’s strange – I wonder what’s wrong. I did lose a complete year of my site and had to have it restored, so that may be why. I’ll look into it.

      I love the motivation the FAL gives me, especially to get WIPs and challenging projects done.

    1. I reloaded them because I couldn’t get them to load either.

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