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Welcome to To Do Tuesday August 23 hosted by Christine over at Stitch All the Things!  I had a lot on my plate last week, and due to some circumstances beyond our control, Todd and I really had zero free time at all.  I did manage to get a couple of things done, though, and they were important, so that makes me happy.

This is what my list from last week looked like:

1-A.  Ariel’s Sail Dress
1-B.  Ariel’s Transformation Tail
2.  Pattern Test: Capsule Wardrobe (finish capsule wardrobe)
3.  Sunkissed Tee from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop
4.  TSNEM:  August – Bodice Sloper (remeasure and adjust pattern accordingly)
5.  LARP:  Short Sleeve Underdress (get it made and off my list)

I was able to get my two important projects finished this week, but only because I had an unexpected afternoon off work.  I am just happy I was able to get anything finished!

1-A.  Ariel’s Sail Dress

You can’t see it very well in this picture because I took it in the dark from the balcony, but I finished Ariel’s Sail Dress.  I ended up finding a free pattern for a handkerchief dress on Art Gallery Fabrics.  The dress is called the Sparkle Dress, and it consists of three squares and two rectangles (for straps).  I made it a little bigger than the pattern because we really wanted to be able to “blouse” the dress with rope belts and ties, but it still ended up being way too long so I cut a foot off the hem.

I also had to sew the seams at the armpits and neckline higher because our “Ariel” is super tiny and the original was exposing way too much!  Instead of the thin spaghetti straps like the pattern called for, I made 1-1/2″ wide straps that are attached together at the back of the dress and have snaps on the front to allow room for her to get the dress on over her wig.


You can’t see the dress very well in this picture, but it is the only one I have for now.  It turned out better than I expected, which is always a bonus!

1-B.  Ariel’s Transformation Tail

I am using this video, which is from the Broadway production of The Little Mermaid, as inspiration for Ariel’s Transformation Tail.  I did get a practice tail made just to make sure the length and sizing was correct, but the material isn’t right for the scene, so I will make another one out of cheesecloth or organza (I have at least 80 yards of organza leftover from Emma’s wedding).

Photo Credit – Google Images

Reagan had her first harness/fly practice Friday, and she did a great job!  She did discover, though, that being in the harness isn’t nearly as fun as it might seam.  Her poor hips were worn out, and she is super happy to have a full body suit to wear under it so it doesn’t rub her skin.


It’s going to be a trick figuring out how to get the tail to fall off correctly, but we have nine more rehearsals to figure it out!  This week I will be working on the final version and getting it finished so Reagan can practice with it as soon as possible.

2.  Pattern Test: Capsule Wardrobe (finish capsule wardrobe)

We had kind of a rough week this week with no free time, so I wasn’t able to get this entire project completed within the deadline.  I’m hoping to put the finishing touches on it tonight and get the images submitted tomorrow.

I didn’t make any progress on these other three items at all, and since I am not going to be able to attend camp this coming weekend, I am going to remove the Underdress from my to-do list until after the New Year when we’re prepping for next year’s camp.

3.  Sunkissed Tee from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop
4.  TSNEM:  August – Bodice Sloper (remeasure and adjust pattern accordingly)
5.  LARP:  Short Sleeve Underdress

My list for next week is pretty much the same, just reordered by priority:

1.  Ariel’s Transformation Tail – The Final Version
2.  Pattern Test: Capsule Wardrobe (finish capsule wardrobe)
3.  TSNEM:  August – Bodice Sloper (remeasure and adjust pattern accordingly)
4.  Sunkissed Tee from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop

What are you working on this week?

2 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday August 23

  1. What a relief to have finished Ariel’s dress, and have a tested plan for the tail! Great that she has more rehearsals to practice getting it off too. I hope this week goes well for you and we all find our sewing mojo soon!

    1. It was a huge relief! I think that this time of year just gets so busy with back to school and everything that I don’t have any motivation to be creative.

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