To Do Tuesday July 12


Welcome to To-Do Tuesday hosted by Christine over at Stitch All the Things!  Christine has been busy working with her Mister on moving into a new house and getting it updated, so several bloggers who participate in To-Do Tuesday have been hosting the link-up for her.  This week’s linky party is hosted by Bernie over at Needle and Foot.

My list from last week included:

1.  Dress Pattern Testing – finish sewing a couple more and take final pictures.
2.  Swing Top and Dress Pattern Testing – finish sewing a couple more and take final pictures.
3.  Blouse Pattern Testing – finish sewing a couple more and take final pictures.
4.  TSNEM:  Create and Use a Bodice Sloper
5.  Sassy Librarian Blouse

What’s on your to-do list this week?

Whew!  It’s been a busy week!  I did completely finish pattern testing the two tops I was working on, but the dress has been put on hold.  Next week I will add the pattern information, but for now I am going to include pictures of the tops.

I also started to work on a “minor” grout repair in a couple of spots in the kitchen, laundry room, and kids’ bathroom.

Ha!  Minor!  Ha!

Two days later, my weekend project is only partly finished, and I have at least a couple more weekends worth of work to get it done.  With the help of my dad, I pulled up and replaced four tiles, re-caulked the kid’s bathroom tub/shower, fixed the tub so that it was actually screwed into the wall instead of just free-floating, and repaired the texture/sheet rock we pulled off when we removed the trim to secure the bathtub to the walls.

I still need to finish scraping out the few small spots of grout that was the reason for starting the process in the first place, grout and seal the replaced tiles, and finish re-caulking the kids’ tub.  If there is one good thing about this (other than things getting fixed), Reagan is away at 4-H Camp, and Harley is at their dad’s house, so only three of us are having to share a bathroom instead of five!

1.  Dress Pattern Testing

Since this dress pattern testing is on hold until further notice, I am going to take it off my list for now.

2.  Blouse #1!

I really like this blouse!  The blue chevron striped one was made from the first version of the pattern, and it’s a little snug at the breast and pulls a tiny bit (it was that way for all the testers).  The second one was from the revised version of the pattern, and it fits perfectly!  I love that it is the type of pattern that can be dressed up or down.  It also has a tulip sleeve option.

PAB_BlouseTesting_V1web-ABetts-01 PAB_BlouseTesting_V1web-ABetts-04 PAB_BlouseTesting_V1web-ABetts-03
PAB_BlouseTesting_V2-ABetts-01 PAB_BlouseTesting_V2-ABetts-03 PAB_BlouseTesting_V2-ABetts-05

3.  Blouse #2!

The salmon colored one was my muslin made from a knit that was too thick and didn’t drape well.  The white one is made from a woven (it was supposed to be knit, but I wanted to experiment) and pulls in the armpits.  Finally, the black version was the last one I made, and I love love love it!!!!  I love the split back and comfort.  I would be comfortable in a pair of shorts and flip flops, but I feel like you could pull it off with a nice pair of slacks and dress it up, as well!

SanFranciscoSwingTesting_V1-ABetts-01 SanFranciscoSwingTesting_V2-ABetts-03 SanFranciscoSwingTesting_V2-ABetts-02SanFranciscoSwingTesting_V3-ABetts-03 SanFranciscoSwingTesting_V3-ABetts-01 SanFranciscoSwingTesting_V3-ABetts-02

4.  TSNEM:  Create and Use a Bodice Sloper

I have the fabric I want to use, and I kind of know what type of blouse I want to make, I just need to find time to have someone help me get my measurements.

5.  Sassy Librarian Blouse

I am going to make this blouse right away because I really want to be able to wear it this summer.

I am really happy to finally have these two tops off my list, and since we are coming up on August, it’s time to add some more LARP costume pieces to my list again, so here we go, my list for next week:

1.  TSNEM:  Create and Use a Bodice Sloper
2.  Sassy Librarian Blouse
3.  LARP:  Peasant Blouse
4.  LARP:  Short Sleeve Underdress
5. LARP: Breeches

4 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday July 12

  1. I love both of the blouse patterns. Who were you testing for? Adorable and well made!

    1. Neither pattern has been released yet, but I was testing for Sew Caroline and Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop. I have tested for both of them before, and I really love their patterns.

  2. Oh no!! I feel your pain with the “minor” project becoming a whole lot more than minor!! I hope the finishes up quickly for you all.

    Love both of those blouses, they are both the style I would be drawn to in a store. I will be keeping my eye out for their pattern release.

    1. I do still feel like the work is minor, it just sucks it was all at the same time. 🙂

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