To Do Tuesday May 10th


Hey, guess what?  I managed to get everything on my To Do List from last week done (there was only one thing on it)!  The week flew by, and I can’t believe it is already time for another To Do Tuesday over at Stitch All The Things!

Last week’s list:

1.  Get Emma & Jordan married and off on their honeymoon!  I think it will be pretty easy to get done.



So, without further ado – some details of my finished list this week!

1.   Get Emma & Jordan married and off on their honeymoon!  This week was a piece of cake – nothing went wrong, we were able to decorate a couple days early so we weren’t stressed, and these two headed off on their honeymoon without a hitch!


This is my Emma Kate – my firstborn, the one who made me a mother.  The one who is teaching me how to let go gracefully.  I love her more than I ever could have imagined, and I could not have hand-picked a better husband for her than Jordan.  He is amazing, and they are absolutely wonderful together.


Emma’s step-mom, Staci, and I have been trying to get a picture of her with all four of her siblings together forever, and FINALLY this weekend we did!  From left, Kael, Shayna, Emma, Harley, and Reagan.  Emma is lucky to have such great siblings, and they are very lucky to have such a great role model and big sister!


Jordan planned their whole honeymoon and kept it a surprise for over seven months!  They left about 8:30 Sunday morning, and we received a text from him a couple hours later telling us where they were heading.  Emma still had no idea what their destination was until they stopped and checked into their hotel at Lake Tahoe.  They are going to have a great week!



Since I basically skipped a week getting any projects done, a lot of these are going to seem like repeats.  I am testing a pattern this week, as well, so I can’t name it or add details, but I am putting it on my list, too.

1.  Custom Burp Cloths
2.  Turtle Pincushion Duo
3.  Emmaline Bags The Retreat Bag
4.  Go to Leggings for the littles in my life
5. Pattern Testing Project

What do you have planned this week?

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4 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday May 10th

  1. Such a beautiful bride and she looks just like her mother! How great to have a non-stressful week leading up to the wedding. Congratulations to the bride and groom!

    1. Thank you! She is definitely a mini me, only taller and skinnier. ?

      Now it’s back to work on all my projects!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderfully successful week! Congratulations to the happy new couple! BW, that is a great photo of you and your daughter. Hope this will be a good week for you as you switch back to sewing.

    1. Thank you so much, we had a great week, and (because I’ve been stalking her Snapchat) it looks like they’re having a fabulous honeymoon!

      That picture of the two of us is one of my favorites for so many different reasons!

      Getting back to sewing has been a nice, relaxing change! 😀

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