To Do Tuesday April 12th


I cannot believe how quickly this past week went by!  It’s time for another To Do Tuesday over at Stitch All The Things already!  I just love the Condescending Willy Wonka memes. 😉

I didn’t finish anything on my list from last week.

Kind of.

My list was pretty basic:

  1. Finish sewing LARP Formalwear Dress and add beading
  2. Finalize quilting class quilt project plan
  3. Start and Finish May TSNEM project (French Seams)

LARP: Formalwear Dress  –  As far as my LARP costumes go, this is still my priority.  The dress is now nearly complete – I just have to attach the sleeves and hem the dress.


My Try Something New Every Month project for April is beading embellishment, and I feel like this is the perfect piece to start on.  I follow a blogger named Angela Clayton, and she does the most beautiful hand beading on the costumes she creates. I have been inspired by her to try some, even if it is very simple, but enough to add that extra oomph to the dress.   I did manage to get all the beading on the dress finished, and I love the final result!  Not too shabby for my first try!


Quilting Class Quilt – I did choose and pull the fabrics I decided to use for the quilt we will be making in class.  I am going to use the rest of this layer cake and low volume bundle.


So, for this week, my list continues:

  1.  Finish the LARP Formalwear dress, take pictures, and write TSNEM post.
  2.  TSNEM: May – French Seams – Originally, French Seams were the project I was going to do for April, but I shuffled things around since I got the beading done so quickly.  I am going to use this beautiful floral cotton to make the Florence Kimonoimage
  3. Custom Burp Cloths – I know several ladies who are pregnant and close to having their babies, and I am making them burp cloths following this tutorial from Simple Simon and Company.
  4. Sewing Cabinet – My dad built me an AMAZING sewing cabinet, and I need to take pictures and write a post about it.

Two other things on the “if I can get to it” part of my to-do list are a Turtle Pincushion Duo.  Hello!  They’re only my favorite animal, and these pincushions are too cute!  The other things I would like to get done are the three remaining Emmaline Bags The Retreat Bag that I have in my queue to make.
wp-1460218894410.jpg wp-1460215145950.jpg

Hopefully this week is more productive and I can scratch a lot off my To-Do List!

4 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday April 12th

  1. The beading on your LARP costume is beautiful. Well done! That is a lovely bundle of fabric for your quilt too. So bright and cheery!

    1. Thank you! I found I really enjoyed the beading, but I am too impatient to do more than a little here and there.

      I love that fabric line, I just wish I could remember what it was called!

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