Chatsworth Quilt Progress


Remember THIS post?  I was the runner-up in a quilt design contest, and as a reward, I was sent the fabric from the Riley Blake Chatsworth Line to create the quilt I designed.  The fabric arrived quite a while ago, but because of other priorities and projects, I am finally able to work on this quilt.  The quilt itself has two block types – a 4×4 square pattern, and a plaid pattern.  Each of the two blocks has three designs. and they alternate on a diagonal pattern.


I first cut out and made the 4×4 blocks because they were the easiest (I know, slacker). 😉  There are three fabric combinations of the block, with six blocks of each combination for 18 blocks total.  All in all, they were pretty easy, and I finished them in an evening.

Block 12015-12-16 13.28.41

Block 22015-12-16 13.29.09

Block 32015-12-16 13.28.53

The next set of blocks is the plaid pattern, which was trickier for me only because I am an inexperienced quilter.  I did find, though, that if I laid the fabric out in an assembly line fashion that it was much easier.  If I think about it before I sew the last group of plaid blocks, I’ll take a couple pictures of that process.

Block 42015-12-16 13.29.54

Block 52015-12-16 13.29.32

I have one more group of plaid blocks to put together, and that is for Block 6.  I have all the pieces cut (I did all the cutting for all the blocks at once)., so it’s just a matter of assembling them.  The picture below is what Block 6 looks like unassembled.

2015-12-16 06.21.53

After those blocks are finished, I will square up the blocks, cut the sashing, and start assembling the quilt.  I can’t wait to see this top finished!

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    1. Thank you, Sharon! I have never been a quilter as much as liking to sew clothing and costumes, but I’m finding that it is really enjoyable!

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