The Brute Squad

I didn’t realize when we started building this house that we were going to have several HUGE, HEAVY beams to lift into place.  We have three very long ones (24+ feet), and four shorter ones (less than 6 feet).  The three big ones are for above the garage doors, the front porch, and the back porch.  Two of the four short ones go on the ends of the front porch, and the other two go on the little corner porch hidden on the front left corner of the house.

Thank goodness Aaron & I have strong, strapping friends – I’m calling them the Brute Squad from now on!  We’ve had to call on them on two separate occasions now to lift the huge beams for us.  I know I’ve said it before, but I will continue to say it throughout this process – WE HAVE GREAT FRIENDS!

Saturday, July 12th, the Garage Door Beam (24 feet long).  From left to right in the first picture:  Aaron, Josh, Jason, Rob, Pat (Aaron’s brother), & Shelby.  That day we also had Aaron’s Dad & Step-Mom, Mick & Susan, helping, as well as his step-dad, Tom, both my parents.


After they lifted the garage door beam, they lifted the beam that connects our side of the house to the girls’ side of the house across the back deck (35 feet long).  Gotta love brute strength!


Thursday afternoon (July 17), my dad, Aaron, and I lifted the two short beams for the front porch so they were ready for the long beams when the Brute Squad showed up again.


The front porch beam – it’s 25 feet long and very HEAVY!  This time, the Brute Squad included Dan Young and his son John, and our neighbor Josh Dilley.


This is the “Brain” behind all the “Brute”.  See him down there posing for us?  My HAM of a dad jumped into this picture and struck this pose right as I clicked the picture.

I hope he’s embarassed, but probably not.  🙂

Thanks for all your help, guys!