Demanding Little Tart

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  Yes, I’m talking about Reagan.  Imagine that.  Anyone who knows her knows she is one of the sweetest, most loving little girls around, but they also know she has a mind of her own and a s... Read More

Kitchen Choices

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I know it seems like a LONG way off, especially since we don’t even have any walls built yet, but I thought I’d share the choices we’ve made for our kitchen.  One of the reasons we ... Read More

Decking the Floor

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We’re making progress!  We spent the weekend laying floor decking and getting ready to frame walls.  Visible progress is great!  Insteresting was the NASTY storm that rolled in late in the af... Read More

Flora & Fauna

We have a lot of wildlife at our property.  There are quail and their babies everywhere, coyotes, finches, snakes, you name it. In order to build, we had to cut away tons (literally) of dirt in the p... Read More

Whirlwind Week!

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Last week (nearly two weeks ago now), we poured footings, stem walls, and had the temporary power hooked up.  Last weekend and throughout the week we worked our butts off putting on the sill plate,... Read More

Getting Wired & Footings

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Once the electrical inspection was complete and the temporary power was approved, we were able to have UEC come out and hook up our power and energize us.  It’s great because now our trailers c... Read More

So Cute!

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I’m not normally a “small” dog person.  I love dogs – they’re just usually bigger, like labs or retrievers.  Since we’ve had Tod, though, I’m a complete con... Read More


One of the houses across the highway at the bottom of the hill from where our new house is has peacocks.  LOTS of peacocks.  One day when we were at the property working, they were out, and the male... Read More

Diggin’ In

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Well, the well is done.  We were very nervous that we were going to have to drill very deep to get good water, but luckily, we were able to get water very quickly!  Our well is costing significantly... Read More