Whirlwind Week!

Last week (nearly two weeks ago now), we poured footings, stem walls, and had the temporary power hooked up.  Last weekend and throughout the week we worked our butts off putting on the sill plate, building pony walls, and adding floor joists, and we also celebrated Father’s Day.  Also this week, Eclipse Heating & Cooling was out to install our HVAC ductwork in the crawlspace.  We have added floor decking to almost 1/2 of the house, and we started to build our first exterior wall!  The progress at this point is phenominal, the landscape of the project changes on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis.  My parents are going to California for a week, so we will be taking it easy with our “Project Manager” hitting the links in Napa Valley.  I am too tired, worn out, and withered to tell a story with each group of pictures, so you’re just getting the lot of them as a whole.  I will take the time to say, though, that we’ve been very blessed with the help of Aaron’s step-dad, Tom, our friends Jason & Yvette, and Aaron’s dad, Mick, who have all showed up to help out.  To them, a huge THANK YOU!  If you’d like to see an image larger, just click on it.