And the beat goes on . . .

the beat of hammers, that is.

Once we finished flying and setting the trusses, it was time to start the roof sheathing.  The first step was to put sheathing where the valley trusses go and then set the valley trusses.  My dad and Tom did that job (I wasn’t to keen on getting up into those rafters again without anything below me).  Once the valley trusses were up we could continue with the regular roof sheathing.  We’ve also been finishing off the gable ends and putting up the fly rafters.


Part of the Brute Squad was back again to set sheets of sheathing on the roof in piles for those of us weaklings (Dad, Tom, & Me) who can’t lift them up on our own.  Aaron & Jason lifted over 40 sheets on the roof for us tonight so we could work on finishing the sheathing tomorrow.


Also this week, all our doors and windows were delivered.  I am SO excited, they are gorgeous!  I absolutely love our front door – it’s the one that looks brown now it’s just primed and needs painted.  I am so excicted to get our framing inspection so we can put the Tyvek on and dry-in the house (install windows and doors).


These last two pictures just for fun.  We have a transient turkey who has taken up residence around our property.  I managed to get this really good picture of her right before I saw her babies.  That’s right – I think it’s awesome, and I hope they stick around forever so we can enjoy them.  The last one is just a pretty sunset I enejoyed one evening at our property after a long day of work.


Have a great rest of the week!